Monday, November 22, 2010

Why dont women realize a good man when they see one?

Women just dont see a good man when they see one, even if they gave them the best sex they ever had or slapped them in the face; point blank they just dont realize it until its far too late. It kills me that women always brag about how they arent any good men left out there when truth of the matter is they are all right in front of you, but too blind to notice them. Women now and days rather go for those types of guys who dont how their life together, be all in the club every week, plays mind and hearts games and, by far the most common one, that ones that dont know what they want. Women consistently mess with those types of guys and wonder why they cant find a good guy. Ladies, its because you messing with the wrong group and types of guys. Every women has that one guy friend thats tried to get with them but yet they have turned down all because they look into the future to much. Why worry about whats in the future with that person when you should only be worried about right now. That good guy friend is doing something all men should be trying to do with you and thats actually fighting for you. But you dont notice him now do you? No women dont, they instead look pass them as just a friend without at least giving that good guy a chance. Women rather give a guy who plays games, plays hard to get and doesnt know what he wants a chance rather then giving that good guy thats tried to get with you a chance. That good guy knows how to treat a women, inside and out, but you dont realize that, do you? He wants to actual be with you for you, love you for who you are, care for you, trust you, cherish moments with you, be there for you and etc. I mean some of those things he's already doing but you still fail to realize that. All you just see is a friend. He may not be the best of looking, he may not have every freaking feature you want in a guy, he may not dress the fliest of all guys, but dammit he gives a damn about you. He's got everything a man is suppose to have, but once again you fail to realize that. Women have to stop looking into the future and arguing with themselves about someone thats showing them what a good guys is. Stop complaining about there arent any good guys out there when he is right in front of you. If he's trying to be with you, why waste your time with others who try and get with you for there own personal reasons. Give that good guy a chance because it just may work out between you two. If not, oh well, you live and learn and thats whats life is all about. Realize that good guy right in front of you before you lose him and then it may be far too late to get him back into your life.

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